How to shop online Safely



What should you look out for when online shopping?

There are countless numbers of online shops today, and the 30% of them is counterfeit. Since we love online shopping and know a lot about it, we will tell you some tips and something to look for you are shopping online.

There is an excellent chance that you or some of your family members have been scammed online before. That is because they got tricked into taking a good deal. Let’s face it, why wouldn’t you shop online? There is a great selection, lower prices, and the stuff your order is delivered to your doorstep.

But there are some people, who like to play with peoples money. One of the most common thing they will do is create an almost look a like store of one of the famous websites, and advertise those on Facebook or Google. By doing this, you will get tricked into that you are on the real site, but if you buy something, you will never see the product or your money ever again.

While these things happen often, it should not stop you from shopping online. There is a vast amount of stores that are legit, and you can find them easily by following some simple steps. The best you can do is ask your friends or family if they have used any site before, so you will know that site is trusted, and you can order safely from there. The next natural thing to look for is the lock in your address bar. That little lock means that that site has SSL encryption, which keeps all of your personal and credit card data safe. If you don’t see this on a web shop you are buying from, don’t do it because your credit card data might get stolen in the process!

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